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– Improvising in the blues in 5 lessons (flexible start)

– At the moment we are working hard behind the scenes to increase the range of workshops. Keep an eye on the website, Facebook page or Insta.

Improvising in the Blues in 5 months

Improvising in the blues

When: Flexible to start on Friday

Where: Dordrecht

Learn the Blues in 5 (private) lessons. from John Lee Hooker to Matt Schofield. 1 lesson of one hour every 3/4 weeks. In every lesson you get building blocks to improve your guitar playing. We start with the minor pentatonic scale, major pentatonic scale, combining these two, etc. Then we make the step to mixolydian, patterns, triads, tetrahedrons. combining different scales. Take advantage of the chord tones, from the most common licks, to the more jazzy licks, which licks in which place and why?, play “out of key”, 4/4 or 12/8. Phrasing, in short an extensive range aimed at understanding and being able to use the building blocks of a blues improvisation from shuffle to blues

You get all the material used in during the lessons and more, feel free to make videos, We provide 5 inspiring, interactive lessons.

Lessons can also be given online. You will learn so much per lesson that you can practice.

Improvising in the Blues costs € 250.00

For this you get;
– All teaching materials
– Coffee Tea
– Free parking
– Free WIFI

Contact us to discuss the possibilities. E-mail: or telephone: +31653786990

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