The Bootcamp location is  in the town of Mellier in the province of Luxembourg in the Belgium Ardennes. The old forges are located along the river, in the middle of the forests at +/- 2 km. There used to be a castle, but it was destroyed around 1474. Mellier’s origins date back to the Merovingian era. Clovis’s successors owned a number of properties in the Ardennes.



Le Boquillon is an old, converted farmhouse in which four apartments have been built. With a common sitting and dining room. There is enough room for a jam session in between the lessons, but also to enjoy the surroundings with a good book. There are two tennis courts, an accommodation for football or basketball, a wonderful covered lounge area where you can enjoy a drink and relax. The location is just outside the village of Mellier. There are plenty of towns and villages in the area that are worth a visit. This make it a perfect Bootcamp location



Le boquillon

Rue du Boquillon 48,
6860 Léglise, België




aangezien iedereen aan het leren is kun je elkaar ook prima helpen en worden tips uitgewisseld en krijg je de kans om ook gitaren uit te proberen die je nog nooit eerder had bespeeld. Er is ook ruimte genoeg op de locatie, zowel binnen als buiten en overal hoor en zie je mensen zitten te oefenen en uitproberen en je ziet ze vooruitgaan.

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