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Weekend events: Guitarist in a cover band 5, 6 and 7 march 2021 – Amerongen

To be scheduled:

              Acoustic Blues Weekend

              Slide Weekend

Information about Guitar Bootcamp workshops and weekend events and the Corona virus
If you have booked a Guitar Bootcamp, or would like to book a Guitar Bootcamp, we can imagine that you have questions regarding the Corona virus. We will keep you informed of developments via this page. Of course we are also happy to answer any questions.

Guitar Bootcamp adheres to the guidelines issued by the government and RIVM. We guarantee the safety of our participants and employees and keep a close eye on developments.

Can I safely book a Guitar Bootcamp?

You can book a Bootcamp with us without financial risk.

In the unlikely event that there is an emergency regulation from the government that prevents the Guitar Bootcamp from continuing, we offer a voucher with which you can book a summer camp for next year or you will get your money back.


Guitarist in a cover band

Special guest guitarists
Richard Hallebeek and Armand Gabeler

For the the first weekend of March we are organising a Bootcamp all about Playing in a cover band

Do you play in a cover band, Or are you going to play in a cover band? Maybe you just want to know everything about playing POP music? Then sign up for the weekend ‘Guitarist in a cover band‘ Richard Hallebeek, Armand Gabeler and Maarten Pors share their experiences and give you trips and tricks.

Play rhythm guitar, which gear, how do you get the sound? How do you play a solo over a popsong? in short, everything and much more!

What can you expect

– 2  lessons per day of 1 1/2 hour
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner
– 3 days of guitar playing
– Learn to listen to the other musicians
– inspiring teachers with enormous experience
– At the end enough dust to be able to move forward!

The weekend offers ear-openers and gives you confidence in your own abilities.


– Single room €395.00 

– Double room €359.00 (a double room is shared with another participant).

– Bootcamp Light: €335.00 You will be responsible for accommodation and breakfast.

Included in ‘Playing in a cover band‘ are;

  • 2 nights
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • All alcohol-free drinks
  • 2 lessons of 1 1/2 hour per day (6 hours in total)
  • workshops
  • masterclasses
  • demos
  • Relaxed jam sessions with teachers.

We like to take into account diets as much as possible. (Indicate this on the registration form).

 Bootcamp weekend ‘Playing in a cover band‘ 5, 6 and 7 March



Guitar Bootcamp - blues weekend - deelnemers 2019




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